Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

clocking that game

month of august is coming to an abrupt end. a month of non stop movement and people and social action and continuous brain working, it has come to a stop And I feel sort of peaceful and kind of worn out, my brain kind of taking a break. I feel comfortable in my house and do not want to leave except to go to work, but then I just play a motivational song in my head about hustling and other bad-ass activities and I'm flying and work don't chip at my self worth or creative force like it's meant to do.

i got my ipod to function and i'm hoping it will go a few months without freezing on me and forcing me to delete all the songs and re-restore it to factory settings. i'm being very careful. so far my song list includes a playlist of 300+ songs that i can picture jamming out to while working at pita pit. and then i uploaded a bunch of madonna, two lisa germano albums, portishead, lots of mirah, midlake, mia, some pj harvey. my soundtrack. i grabbed my ipod this morning and played it on shuffle for my 15 minute walk to the library job, and got some good jams, a lovely lisa germano track and a spicy madonna song from bedtime stories ("i can be your sister, i can be your mother, i can be your friend, i'd even be your brother but i...i'd rather be your lover, that's right").

and two more things:

1) i bought plums on sale at publix. delicious. i don't think I had ever tried plums before. like i said, delicious.

2) i have been hungry non stop. maybe it's all the work hours or something. but non stop. i brought a boca chicken patty sandwich to work today and i ate it within my first hour of being here. i can't help myself, i always do that! if i know i have food with me i want to eat it immediately, specially if it's super tasty!

3) we got a dining room table! it has easily made the dining room nook my favorite spot of the house.


I just (finally) finished reading this last night. While talking about the book with Janelle on the phone last night, I said my favorite chapter was the one where Michelle and her girlfriend Eleanor start selling coke. Janelle agreed and mentioned the hilarity of aMarilyn Manson story that Michelle insisted on telling and re-telling over and over while she was on coke. I haven't snorted coke in months. I'm not craving it right now but I can't wait for the right moment when it's there and it makes my night so unforgettable.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

disillusion in august but then!

The month of august has been whizzing by and turning into this blur and mixture of settling in to a new place and chatting with new people and drinking with old friends and long hours spent at work. I can't really remember specifics and in my memory the days kind of blend into each other.

In starting this blog I was also starting a kind of completely new sort of direction of my life. Nothing really that epic but going from 16 years of schooling to strictly working is a new direction. The first week of it left me dazed and disenchanted and un-enthused. This week i've been much better.

This past saturday night we celebrated Sophie's 21st birthday by eating a Mrs Fields cookie cake at The Top and taking photo booth pictures with Sophie and singing "You're So Vain" by carly simon.

I am going to miss sleeping next to Lila when she leaves for such a long time this coming saturday. I never think about it when someone is going to leave, it just comes and then i realize and sometimes it's sad cause it was so much nicer when they were around but sometimes it's kind of okay but most of the time i will definitely long to be in the presence of that person somewhere in my feelings. Who do I miss currently? Martin i miss. Matt i don't particularly miss but it was so much nicer when he was around, is the thing, so it's similar. My mom i kind of miss, and my mom's mom i definitely miss but it's a missing feeling that is amplified by me feeling kind of bad for her since she is alone so often and i want to be in her presence not only cause i like being in her presence but because i know how much my presence would make her feel better.

Janelle is in town for a week. I love her and her energy and her thoughts, but after last night I have [temporarily] concluded that she is the worst person to sleep next to. She took up the entirety of lucy's full-sized bed last night. I had to push her with all my might from my side of the bed to try to get her on her side and she still only stopped half way, leaving me a mere fourth of the bed.

Her birthday is this Thursday the 21st, and I am looking forward to much fun and much partying.

all i got is love for these two

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


i just had a vanilla frosty from wendy's. and a broccoli and cheese baked potato, and a coffee. The first two are gone with their remains in the trash bucket under my desk (the first first was delicious, the second first not so much) and i'm slowly sipping on my coffee now.

I'm at the library job which I have come to love. Because at my other office job I don't have more than 3-4 minutes of free time to stealthily log on to Facebook or Blogspot, and 3-4 minutes isn't enough time to really sift through my list of facebook friends or write a decent blog entry.

a lot has happened since I moved into 1122. The days when nothing happens seem almost surreal. So far, I really love my new house and my new neighborhood. We have a great social-type porch where pedestrians and bicyclists who we may or may not know stop and hang out for a bit.

Oh yeah, and there is a kitty! She goes by several aliases including Fern, Matha, cutie pie, and Verne. She is beautiful as you can see from the following...

Lila S has been crashing on my bed and my couch for the month of august, bringing all the good and fonky energy gainesville needs at the end of a summer. Brother Weezy was in town for the weekend, basking in the laziness of a warm and hungover gainesville weekend. Sunday the main (only?) thing accomplished by us three was driving over to Cafe Gardens in Weezy's awesome Jeep Cherokee and downing grilled cheeses and beer and fries. In case you were curious, Lila's GC had spicy havarti and provolone with baby spinach and onions, Weez's had spicy cheddar with baby spinach. For beer, we opted for Shock Top then went to have a cigarette with the Pita Pit dudes and chatted about the word "yack" and wearing out your shoes.

get it, L

Also, I acquired strep throat. I just found out this morning in the infirmary. Kind of ironic cause I thought I had strep about a month and a half ago when all my friends were getting it. But i didn't. But now I do. And it's prob from making out with the grimy straight kid who wants to experiment with sexuality and singled me out as the boy he wants to experiment with. God Damn It.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

breakfast this morning + moving day

Moving Day was incredible yesterday. For the following reasons:

... Holy Shit! Lucy thought that we should rent a van to move, I said ok, it's cheap, why not. I never drove a big van or even an SUV so i was wondering if even I could drive it and not crash into trees and people. But drive it i could and it was SO fucking fun. Lucy and Mo-Mo suggested I trade my Chrysler in for a U-Haul van and I would totally be up for driving a U-Haul van around all the time. Maybe not all the time but how cool would it be for someone you knew to own a U-Haul van and transport people around (like at least 10 can fit in the back compartment!).

2. Moving is Fun!
... It kind of is. Well, parts of it. Seeing all your junk crammed into the back of this huge van.

3. Worker Bees.
... Me and Lucy make quite a fucking team! We got a lot done by 5pm, just the two of us. And then when Mo-Mo and Jess C. joined our team, we were unstoppable. We moved so fast, sweat like PIGS (it was hot! i was soaking), and got everything moved by 9pm.

4. Jess C and Arthur
... Mo-Mo and Lucy and I went to pick up Jess C's mattress that she had been offering me for a few weeks. When we went to pick it up, Jess was already home from work. She brought THE cutest puppy alive out, her puppy Arthur, and we played with him in the grass. He hops and skips, he doesn't walk. He is achingly cute. It's mind shattering. Then Jess and Arthur offered to help us move! It's so fun to hang out with Jess C she is so pretty and fun to talk to and laugh with. And arthur, like i said, is the cutest creature I have ever met and I'm not saying that in a light sense. I think he really is.

5. Our Hour-Long Breaks
... The day started with a break. Dunkin Donuts, where they are having a promotion with free coffee on every Wednesday in August. I got free hot coffee and egg+cheese bagel sandwich, Lucy got free iced coffee and a bagel with chives cream cheese, and we shared a sour creme donut-- not sour cream like for mexican food, it's just what it was called, we have no idea why. I had an internet break while Lucy was in class at 10:50am. We made a quick pit stop after packing our second load at walgreens where we bought Snyder's Jalapeno-flavored pretzels. Then drove to Gyros Plus where we each had a falafel hummus gyro, mine without pickles, lucy's with extra. I had another break when we dropped Lucy off at her 6pm class where me and mo-mo smoked camels on her new porch and Jess c. and arthur talked with us. Then at the end of the night, we went to El Indio (footsteps from our new house!).

6. The Fucking Black-Out
... Half-way through our dinner at El Indio (I did not get any food cause I was still pretty full. I wasn't around to see what everyone else ordered), ALL the lights and power around us go completely out. We were sitting on one of their green tables and all of a sudden it is pitch dark. It was amazing! We all reacted accordingly as we would in that sort of situation, I thought. Arthur kept sleeping, Jess C smiled and went to talk to the people at the table next to us, Lucy was pissed cause she had shit to get done, I exaggerated the situation and hoped for days of no electricity and or the apocalypse and or zombies, and Mo-Mo freaked out. I got a text message from Danielle part-way through the black-out letting me know that the lights at Pita Pit (where I had to go work at 10pm) were also out. I was SO FUCKING PSYCHED. I called them and no one answered but when I drove there, the lights were back on. Fuck. So I dropped my 4 teammates off, Mo-Mo at her house to grab her car to take Jess C and Arthur home, Lucy to our house which still had no power, and then went in to work. Which wasn't that bad cause I had 2 beers before going in, some beer & whiskey/coke while at work. I was exhausted by the end of the night though, I started to feel like i was in a hazy day dream.

Conclusion: I don't know when I'll get around to organizing the tons of shit that's in my new house.

Thanks to: The girls on my moving team that I mentioned (oh, and arthur). And whoever made the power go out for those 30 minutes.

Epilogue: I have a new path to get to school and my Library job. I also had no food or coffee at home, so I stopped by Bagels Unlimited on my way to work. I like that now that I have a job(s) I can stop for coffee and food on my way to work and not feel too bad about it. I got a huge styrofoam cup of coffee and an everything bagel with butter. Pretty fucking tasty.

New House!!!

Goodbye 710.