Monday, October 6, 2008


here we are outside of the waldo flea market looking so sunday chic

today i am cranky, cranky, cranky. work. is. so. annoying. all of them. except the library job. get paid to play on the internet is not a dream job but pretty close to it.

i have gotten a lot of new music lately. and i made a fantastic mix that i need to send out to friends from a mix cd trade from eight months ago, i'm so late. i don't think i do this but i do, take forever to send something out i say i'm going to.

this weekend was good and kind of crazy. the nights were cool. friday night i partied late into the night with sophie and paul and this boy from down the street taylor who is nuts when he's drunk and dissected some artwork at my house. i got bitched at by paul. no biggie. i'm surprised some of my friends think i treat them like an asshole cause i don't think i do. but i guess there's a lot of things we do that we don't think we do. i'd like to think our own perception of ourselves is the most accurate (since you know we've been with ourselves for the longest amount of time), but that could be wrong. or it could be right but you have to balance your own (accurate) perception of yourself with others' not-so-accurate but equally valid perception of you.

ideal: near-complete honesty with friends, supported by mutual love and respect.

i believe i have that with a lot of my friends, which is lucky.

last weekend i woke up semi early for a sunday, cracked out from a late late night working at pita pit,and called my roommate lucy to see what she was doing. it was a perfect day and i could unknowingly feel it in the air. I'm at El Indio she says. I'll be right there! i respond. I didn't make it to el indio but my fabulous roommate brought me an egg burrito and scooped me up with Sophie and her friend Saad and we drove out to the Waldo Flea Market, which I had never been to before. Waldo is a small small small northern Florida town and they have this fantastic flea market every Sunday. I call it fantastic partly because, as I said, the day was perfect, and also because I looked good, I was in a good mood though I needed coffee BADly, and I found great buys! Myra Breckenridge by Gore Vidal for a whole 25 CENTS! Then Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the book, for 50 cents. Then the CD Last Splash by the Breeders for 2$ (ok a little expensive), and a pound of potatoes for $1 that Lucy later made into mashed ones.

As if the day was not good enough already, on the way back to Gainesville, we spot our two favorite professors having coffee at a cute little gay coffee shop in the middle of Waldo! We had no idea it even existed! When we waved to them, they called us over and we got some coffee and sat with them for almost an hour! It was so cool! Almost too good to be true! Chillen in at a gay coffee shop in Waldo, FL on the most perfect Sunday I have seen yet, talking about chill but interesting topics. I'm telling you, it was wonderful.

And the day got eeeeven better! When I drove over to Sarah's house where Johann and Tina S. and Kenny my neighbor were hanging out, recovering from a huge potluck in honor of Kenny's 19th birthday. That was fun, because I love those people. And then later we had beers together at lucy's restaurant, and continued the night by smoking a joint on my bed, listening to great songs, acting out the Robyn video (ok that was only me and only lucy understood), and kenny and i blabbering about massive universal stoned-type things. I was in love with everyone that day.

and so in hopes of attaining the tranquility and content-ness of that day, i need some proverbs or advices. like mayybee...

don't give so much of a fuck

but better than that.