Wednesday, January 5, 2011

now that i'm living in miami, i feel that i do less socializing than in gainesville. for one thing, i don't have as much income as i did in gainesville. plus the few friends i do have in miami live pretty far away and driving to them (when i am lucky enough to have my dad's car at my disposal) can be a mission.

Therefore, i'm watching more movies. I'm also supposed to be reading more but i've tried that a couple times from the comfort of my bed and i doze off after five or six pages. Simply i need to find a reading spot less conducive to napping. I discovered the Video Rodeo of Miami, Lion Video (website doesn't seem to be working now).

It's pricier than I'm used to ($10 membership fee, $5 per 5-day rental with a rent-3-get-1-free deal, and $2 late fee per day per movie) but it seems well worth it. I did the Rent 3, Get 1 Free deal, but four movies on a five day span (esp when New Years Eve is included in that span) is not always an achievable goal. I watched two in full, one half way (wasn't that impressed by the Hollywood-esque, talk-in-English-with-thick-Cuban-accents-while-in-1960s-Havana Before Night Falls), and had to skip out on one altogether. But I wanted to recommend the first one i watched and totally loved:
Glue (2006, directed by Alexis dos Santos)

It's the kind of movie with minimal narrative or plot development, but awesome composition, awesome shots, great acting, great colors, great soundtrack (mostly Violent Femmes). No real beginning, no real ending...I love it when a movie does it and I really love it when it pulls it off well.

The director is cool as fuck. He has a MySpace.

I also loved the main actor:

nahuel perez biscayart