Sunday, December 21, 2008

feeling good now. all alone. somewhat craving some company. content though. sipping on white wine johann left in my fridge. just rearranged the living room,liking how it looks a lot. listening to a quick mix on pandora, right now nouvelle vague station is playing, some band called martina topley-bird. never heard of her but sounds great. not sleepy. kind of want to watch a movie but i am not in that movie watching mood. mo got her car stuck inside of the gates of pergatory. some club in broward county. they locked her car in and her mom got pissed. so funny. these few days before christmas vacation are always really interesting in gainesville. they feel really secluded. johann left gainesville yesterday morning. my constant long time gainesville friend, the person who has always been around the four and half years i've been here. and the newest gainesville friend left on tuesday for italy. leaving for miami for a week and a half on tuesday with soph. wonder what that is going to be like, i'm looking forward to it. i want to sit and have one on ones with a few people, janelle, vanessa cid, my cousin denise. looking forward to new years eve, this year surrounded by people i love, different from last year's in gainesville. i honestly am in awe at how fast this year felt like it passed by. in complete awe and it gives me chills sometimes. looking forward to the next year, the spring semester in gainesville which is going to be markedly different than the last as they always are. i am looking forward to hanging out with two new friends in particular. and hopefully saving some money for fun times away from here by mid spring or summer. and always looking forward to summer time. but am feeling content with this moment right now.