Wednesday, June 17, 2009

definitely recommend checking out this blog: Catch Us If You Can

I met these two cool girls in Key West when I went down with my coworkers in March. I did some research before the trip to try to meet some cool-seemin' locals. found one of their profile sites, sent a message and she agreed to meet up. i was able to hook her and her roommate/travelbuddy up with a free jet ski tour from the company i work for and we met up again later that night, totally hit it off like old friends. Like when we met up again the 2nd or 3rd day it didn't feel like two girls i had just met, it felt like two girls i'd known for a long time and was visiting on the island.

anyway, they were down in key west spending a few months sleeping at kelly's mother's house, sharing a bed, living rent free and saving every dime they could to go on this 12+ month trip over to UK through asia and into Melbourne. Their journey just started a month ago in mid May and they are currently just out of Turkey. Their blog is pretty damn awesome, great stories, great pictures.