Monday, June 22, 2009

am i feeling stagnant or comfortable or intentional?

August means going on year six of living in Gainesville, Florida.

Am I stuck with no where to go? Have I developed a life that is too easy and just fulfilling enough? Or do I want to be here because it's the place I need to be and the time I need to be there?

yesterday was so hot like a hot southern day where you picture people sitting on porches in rocking chairs just barely rocking back and forth and savoring any tiny bit of breeze that comes their way. I stood leaning against a pole at Common Grounds next to Coral for abut 15 minutes. When I walked inside my back was soaked and I was dripping droplets of sweat from my forehead as if I just got back from a 30 minute run with Mo. I don't love it but I have a unique appreciation for this type of summer heat.

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