Monday, April 4, 2011

"new" kate bush!

a sort of re-make of the song from The Sensual World, one of the few Kate Bush albums that failed to completely enrapture me, until just this year, when i discovered a cassette copy of it in my collection of cassette tapes comprised of tapes from high school and tapes i picked up for extremely cheap at thrift stores or the flea market. i've been driving my dad's car and it only has radio and a cassette player, which had me listening to The Sensual World for two weeks straight.

Kate's new album is remakes of songs from Sensual World and Red Shoes, her most underrated albums but also her less brilliant ones.

This new version of 'deeper understanding' kind of rules though. You can instantly hear the difference in technological ability that might prompt an artist to release remastered or reworked versions of songs released in the 80's. The song is about a person who feels more of a connection with his computer than with other people. The computer offers him deeper understanding. But this was back in, what, 1988. People's relation to computers has obviously changed drastically. I suspect that these reworkings will have more of a concept, rather than simply working as remasters.

I'm very pumped to hear the rest of this album. We'll see how the rest of it sounds but judging by this one track so far, Kate B still stands as a musical genius in my mind

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